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CCI Prep Step-by-Step

CCI Prep Tool

Use the CCI Import Prep Tool to bulk upload new or existing constituents into Convio Groups or Interest Categories. CCI Prep Tool will process your custom lists against CADS data warehouse to ensure you reduce duplicate records and keep data up-to-date.


CCI Prep Tool Step-by-Step

Using the CCI Import Prep Tool

Do not skip this step!

Using CCI for bulk upload is required and provides you with many useful features:

  • Full instructions on CCI use
  • Prevents the creation of duplicate constituent records in Convio
  • Compares your data against CADS
  • Bulk import email addresses (your custom list) into CADS
  • Prepares your data for import into Convio (Step 2)

Format your list by transferring columns into the CCI prep template


Download this Excel formatted template and insert your constituent data by copying CADS IDs and email addresses (at minimum) to their corresponding fields.

  • Important! always include CADS IDs if you have them.
  • Do not delete or change the header row.
  • Important! Including e-mail addressses in the PRIMARY_EMAIL field will replace the constituent's email with the incoming address.

Save the populated template file as a tab delimited file (.txt)

Be sure to save the file using only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, - (hyphens), and _ (underscores) in the filename.

Create a Group within Convio

As you create the group, note the Group ID number. Write this down as you will need it to use in the CCI Prep Tool. If you have an existing group, simply note it's existing ID. A Group's ID number can be found on the Group Information tab after editing a Group.

  1. Choose Constituent 360>Groups.
  2. Find your existing Group or create a new one.
  3. Click on the Edit link in the list.
  4. View the Group Information tab and note the Group ID on this page.

Use the CCI Import Tool to process your (.txt) file

Launch the CCI tool and follow on-screen instructions:

  • Enter the Group ID
  • Upload your .txt file

After uploading, the CCI Tool will process your file. Processing can take from a few seconds to over an hour. Please be patient and wait for the completion message with the download link.

Save the new “ready” file

Click the link on the completion page to download the new “ready” file. The file will be named ready_[yourfilename].cfm.txt

For example, if your original file was data.txt you should now have a ready_data.cfm.txt file.

If the file does not have .txt at the end, feel free to add this manually.


Use Convio’s Data Management Import Script

Stop! Complete Step 1 above before using this tool.

You should now have a ready_[yourfilename].cfm.txt file.

Run the Convio Data Management Import Script

The Data Management page looks similar to the one shown here...

Convio Import Export Page

You will launch the page, and run the import script to import your records into Convio Groups. You must log into Convio to use the tool.

View the Data Management Import Script page


Data Sync Operations Tab

In the My Data Sync Operations tab, look for a script that has the title Custom Constituent Import (File Upload Tool) and click the Run link as shown here...

Convio Import Export Page

On the resulting page, follow the steps below.

Do not select any checkboxes after clicking the Run button

Upload your new ready_[yourfilename].cfm.txt file

Click the Finish and Import button to run the script

The script may take anywhere from seconds to over an hour depending on server load.

Review errors file if necessary

Fix errors and re-import starting with Step 1 above.

Check your Group to verify import was successful

To verify that your constituents actually made it into the group you intended. View the Group within Convio.

  1. Goto Constituent360 > Groups.
  2. Search for the group.
  3. Click on the Name of the group to view the Group Information tab.
  4. You may also check the Members tab and seach for a recently imported constituent to verify they show up in the list.

On the Group Information tab, you will need to click the "Refresh Summary" link to update the group count. You will also need to click the browser's refresh button to ensure the update worked. You should now see the update Group Information tab showing proper results.


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