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Convio User Group (CUG)

User Group Meetings

The Convio User Group has been discontinued. Please find previous presentations below.


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CUG Meeting 7-5-12

How to create a Facebook share link

If you've needed to create a link to a webpage for use as a Facebook share link within your messages, this is the answer. 


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CUG Meeting 6-1-11

Step-by-step creating and using the V2 stationery

In this meeting we look at the entire process of creating HTML stationery using the new V2 Stationery in conjunction with the new HTML Editing Tool (available on this site), as well as the Premailer "inlining" tool.


  • What you need to know before you begin
  • Redesigning your stationery
  • Reviewing the code
  • Using the HTML E-mail Editing Tool to modify content
  • Changing links, images and personalization in the editor
  • Adding predefined HTML snippets to your email
  • Using the PremailerTool to prepare for Convio
  • Using Convio stationery with this process
  • Adding your Premailer code to Convio
  • Sending your message


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CUG Meeting 4-6-11

April 2011

Using the HTML Editor

This is an overview of the HTML editing tool presented at the 4-6-11 CUG. This tool is now available for use on this website.

Requires a user account of this site to use the editor. Please contact the E-Communications Manager.


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CUG Meeting 2-2-11

February 2011

Engaging the Next Generation of Constituents and Supporters PPT Presentation

Presentation by Justin Ryckenbusch of Convio at February 2011 CUG. This is a great presentation on marketing approach, demographics, and best practices using Convio.



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CUG Meeting 1-5-11

January 2011

Using the Email On Acid online service to improve your newsletter delivery success rate

First User Group of 2011!  Overview of the Email on Acid online paid client testing service. Find out how to test your emails visually in just about every major email client on the market. 

This presentation also includes many tips and tricks on client work-arounds. Includes example code!


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CUG Meeting 12-2-10

December 2010

Year-end Solicitations

Typically, at the end of the year, we send solicitations via e-mail to our constituents.  This meeting we will show you how to add tracking codes to your e-mails to find out which constituents are donors, as well as ensure you have a give-to-cal landing page for accepting funds on-line.  Don't miss out!  This is a great opportunity to generate revenue and is easy to set up.

  1. Adding CADS IDs to any URL
  2. Get your solicitation codes!  
  3. Get your Give-to-Cal login!
  4. Send acknowledgements
  5. Review of scheduling email.


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CUG Meeting 10-7-10

October 2010

Convio Resending, Messages & Deliveries

Understanding the nuances of these similar areas of Convio can be a pain point.  We'll look at the behavior of each and explain when is appropriate to use for your campaign. 

In short:

  1. "Resending" means sending exactly the same (unchanged) message to your audience. These messages will not be sent a second time to anyone already sent the original message.
  2. Messages are the e-mail content. Copying a message sends the copied message again to ALL the constituents in the audience, regardless of whether the original was sent to everyone.
  3. Deliveries are simply "queued versions" of your messages. It is possible to have multiple deliveries of the same message, which is why you may see multiple listings of your message in the deliveries tab. A new delivery is like a Resend, as defined by Convio, in that it will not send to anyone previously sent this message. New constituents added to the audience since the last send, however, will get the second delivery.


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