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Requirements for using Convio

To become an administrator of Convio, allowing you to send broadcast newsletter e-mail on behalf of your college or department, you must first submit the following information using the form below:

Please note that although training for Convio is open to anyone on campus, at this time, you must be affiliated with one of the 14 Colleges, International House, Career Center, BAM/PFA, Student Services or California Alumni Association campus units to become a Convio administrator authorized to use the system.  Unfortunately, we are not able to support other groups at this time.

Gain approval from your college administrator in communications or public relations.

Coordinate with your unit on marketing and communication efforts so as to comply with the overall objectives of your college or unit. Consider branding at this stage and determine whether your communications should reflect an existing website or comply with an existing style guide.

Determine a long-term staff member who will administer Convio

Access to Convio is generally not intended for students, interns, or other temporary staff members. The approval process as well as training and support requires costly staff resources to maintain. In order to avoid a high turnover, determine a communications staff member who is a long-term employee.

Submit details of administrator to apply

If you do not have a CADS ID, you must obtain one from URIT. Fill out this form, and submit to the contact atop the form.

Fill out the form below:

Convio Administrator Request Form

This information is not sent via e-mail, it is held securely in a database. it appears in CADS, or Directory. it appears in CADS, or Directory.
The number on your Cal ID card.
You must have a CADS ID to apply. See step 3a above.
a number, not your login username. You can find your UID # here. Perform a search for yourself. Click on your name. Your UID will appear next to your name in this format ( UID: ##### ).
Short explanation of why you require access to Convio.

Register for Training

Training is required for access to Convio as an administrator.

Convio Training is no longer offered in a classroom setting.

You must watch the required video screencast of the training to learn how to properly use the Convio E-mail Broadcasting tool.