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Training to become a Convio Admin


Convio Administrator Training:

    Convio Training is no longer offered in a classroom setting.

    You must watch the required video screencast of the training to learn how to properly use the Convio E-mail Broadcasting tool.

    Please note that although the training for Convio is open to anyone on campus, at this time, you must be affiliated with one of the 14 Schools/Colleges, International House, Career Center, Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Services, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive or California Alumni Association campus units to become a Convio administrator authorized to use the system.  Unfortunately, we are not able to support other groups at this time.

    Training is required to be a Convio Administrator authorized to send email on behalf of your College or Department.

    Approval through Advancement Information Management (AIM) is required for access to the Convio administrator interface, and for sending broadcast e-mail.

    Please review the requirements page to begin the approval process. Please allow 1-2 weeks processing time before you need access to Convio. If you do not have a CADS ID, you must fill out the CADS request form.


    Video Training

    You must watch a video screencast of the entire training process as a requirment for access to Convio, and as a refresher course. Videos are organized into sections so you can easily target the area in which you need training.

    To watch the videos, go to the UC Learning Center at

    The resulting page will prompt you to log in with your CalNet ID and passphrase

    Training includes:

    • Overview and navigating the Convio interface
    • Interests (Subscriptions), Groups and Constituents
    • Queries & Mail Merge
    • Using the CCI Prep Tool
    • Campaigns and Messages
    • Creating and sending a message in a campaign
    • Audiences
    • HTML Stationery
    • Deliveries, Resends, "Sending again," & Delivery Options
    • Reports