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Benefits of using the Library

Do you know the benefits of the Image and Document Libraries?

  1. Save bandwidth on your own website.
    1. Imagine 3000 people opening your email all at once? Your server will have a huge spike in serving that image to your constituents.
  2. Save disk server space on your own website.
    1. Why fill up your own server with images?
  3. Easier uploading of images, includes automatic sizing of images
    1. Why use complicated FTP programs when you can use the web interface provided by Convio?
    2. Why spend time trying to find images you forgot about? Use the Convio search filter next time!
  4. Prevent your email from being marked as SPAM by hosting images on Convio servers.
  5. Insert your images and link to your documents directly in the WYSIWYG editor when creating your messages.
    1. No more wondering what links to insert. No need for code view.
  6. Allow others in your center to use your images in messages in the future, or use theirs! Eliminate redundancy.