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Changing E-mail Preferences

Guidelines for how to manage constituent email preferences and interests.

faqFor those of you needing to change a constituent’s Email Preference to Opt-In or Opt-Out status, I have included some guidelines to follow. On rare occasion, you may need to modify a constituent’s preferences if:

  1. You are combining/migrating your center’s Interest Categories.
  2. You want to specifically force Opt-In a list of constituents.
  3. For a specific constituent, you need to change their Email Preferences.


Although we do not recommend changing a constituent’s preferences, using the CCI Prep tool to change a constituent’s Email Preference is the only method you should use to do so, including single records. As a note, there are other ways to modify a constituent’s Email Preferences, but they can be problematic due to inconsistencies in the Convio user interface, which are slated for fix in a future release.

To change a constituent’s Email Preference by using the CCI Prep Tool, specify the Interest ID (not group ID) and set the Opt-In or Opt-Out checkbox. When you import to Convio, the constituent’s preference for that Interest is set properly. 

Please note that you are not entering a Group ID. Enter the Interest ID instead.