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Explain E-mail Delivery Statistics please!

It can be a little daunting when viewing the e-mail statistics summary screen of a delivery. Here is the screen I'm talking about:

e-mail stats


The way Opens are handled is the following:

  1. For an e-mail to qualify as an open in Convio, the constituent must "show/display images" in the e-mail.  This means that plain-text alternate views of an e-mail are NOT counted as Convio opens. However, I believe (though I need to confirm) that if a link in a plain-text e-mail is clicked, it registers as an open and a click-through.
  2. The constituent receiving the e-mail has a cookie placed initially when first opened, as per #1 above.
  3. If that constituent opens the e-mail again (and they have cookies on as #2 above), it will NOT register as another open.
  4. If someone (anyone) opens the e-mail and the cookie is not present, it will register as a forwarded open. This is also the case if you were to open the e-mail, then forward it to a friend. The cookie on your forwarded friend's computer is not present, and will therefore register that particular message as a forwarded open in Convio. However, they must also "open it" as defined in #1 above. This also includes someone who opens the same message on another computer (client), as well as if they forward to another e-mail on the same computer.
  5. Similarly, if someone is blocking cookies in their e-mail client, it will register as a forwarded open.

You can also click on the "Explain These Statistics" link just above the stats box. This explain each term. Take a look at the footnotes: