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Mail Merge

Did you Know?
You can download a file of any group? Just one of the many uses for the MailMerge option.

MailMerge is often overlooked as being a useful feature. However, it is a great way to download a list of any group, including any fields of a constituent record you would like. Traditionally, MailMerge is a feature to combine an address database with a snail-mail letter campaign. In this scenario "doing a mailmerge" would put each new contact on a form letter, and then would be sent via standard mail. This was de facto communication back in the old days.

Fortunately, Convio has this feature, and you may want to use one of your Convio groups to download biographical information to a file used for old style mailmerges. Doing a mass-maililng? You can export a constituent group to a file to supply your mass mailing house. Very convenient indeed.

You can also use this MailMerge feature to export any group, re-purpose how you wish, and bring back into Convio for some purpose. This is often the most common use for the MailMerge feature.