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Scheduled Messages

Did you know?
You can schedule a message to send in the future? Wow, cosmic!

When you create a message, in the edit phase you will see the option to "Tentatively Schedule" this message. You can set a date in the future for your message to send unattended.

You may know that, but did you know this?

  1. Your message will now appear on the Email Calendar.
  2. Your message will NOT be sent, unless you Approve and click the final Send button.
  3. Your message will NOT be sent if the date and time you choose is in the past.  Be sure to schedule with a 2 hour lead-time in case you need to terminate your delivery and make a change to your message.

Always double-check your send dates in the future. It's common to pick a date a week from tomorrow, when it was meant to go out tomorrow.