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Synchronized Records

What are synched records?

Have you ever wondered which records qualify for the CADS to Convio data sync? You can use this guide to determine which records will be synchronized with CADS.

"Synched" means that each night, CADS will update Convio with any records that have changed, provided the record also meets the "synched" criteria below. Non-synched records will not be automatically moved from CADS to Convio. Use the CCI Prep Tool to find records that are non-synched, and bring the full record data into Convio to keep it up-to-date. CCI will bring all of a non-synched record's data into Convio for you, provided you supply a CADS ID.


1. Synched records = @Cal Eligibles

  • All Alumni
  • All Attendees
  • All iHouse Residents
  • All CAA members
  • All HAAS Business School Students
  • Any Exceptions  ( People who want to intermingle. Special membership )


2. Non-Synched = Everyone Else

  • Student
  • Parent
  • Donor
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Spouses

Also, remember that only Email fields and the CADS Preferred Flag can be synchronized back to CADS. All other constituent data will come from CADS to Convio. Note that this may overwrite data in Convio.